Why You Need Drift On Your Website Today

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Drift is a messaging app that lets you talk to people on your website (and directly in your product, too.)

One of the core features of Drift is live chat — what you see below in the corner of this page, and on thousands of websites that are already using Drift today.

You’ve definitely used live chat before as a consumer — it’s traditionally been used as a tool for customer service and support.

But that was before messaging started to explode.

Think about the way that you talk to people today: you might use iMessage to talk to your family, Facebook Messenger to connect with old friends, and Slack to talk to your co-workers all day.

Yet when you want to talk to a business, you have to fill out forms and wait for a response — or even worse — talk to a sales rep on the phone.

And that’s exactly why we built Drift — so your business can connect with customers in a modern way.

Unlike traditional tools, Drift’s live chat is focused on marketing and sales.

But with Drift, live chat isn’t just a nice to have. It’s a must have for anyone that is serious about doing business online today.

Here’s Why You Need Drift On Your Website Today

  1. 98% of people will leave your website without doing anything. It’s like walking into a store, looking around, and leaving. But businesses that are using Drift are able to start conversations with anywhere between 7 and 20 percent of their website visitors. You can’t say hello with a form — but you can with Drift.
  2. This is the experience that customers expect from modern businesses today. People don’t want to fill out forms or pick up the phone. They want to talk to your sales reps just like they would talk to a friend — by sending a messaging. Helping is the new selling, and customer experience is the new marketing — so you need to be there for people while they are live on your website.
  3. We help get the right message to the right person. For years, live chat was only used for support and customer service because it just “didn’t scale” for marketing and sales. That was the push back — businesses didn’t want their sales reps wasting time dealing with support issues or talking to people who aren’t qualified. But with Drift, we bring the power of artificial intelligence to the most important part of your business: the relationship you have with your customers. With our live chat, we can always help get the right message to the right person, whether you’re online or not.
  4. You can proactively target the right people. Here’s the problem with email: you never know where and when someone is going to open it. And the last thing someone is thinking about when they get your email at the grocery store is you. But with live chat, you can target people at exactly the right moment — whether that’s based on a specific page they look at (like your pricing page) or an action they’ve taken.

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