Dynamic Segments

Updated a month ago ​by Matt Bilotti

Dynamic segments are based on specific criteria and ever changing. Dynamic segments are used mostly for nurturing, onboarding, and retention. A dynamic segment is tied to a specific set of filters such as:

  • startDate is “< 30 days”
  • and plan is “Enterprise”

The size of a dynamic segment will constantly change as users meet the existing criteria or no longer meet it.

As an example with the above criteria, if that segment size was 100 contacts and you got 10 new users today, the size of that segment would grow to 110 unless other users age out or change their plan to something other than enterprise.

If you choose to target a dynamic segment when sending an campaign, unless you choose to send it right now, anybody who is added into that segment until the campaign’s end date will receive the campaign you create.

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