Button Responses (Multiple Choice Selectors)

by Conley Ernst

Sometimes questions are simple– yes or no, now or later, ect. The LeadBot’s button feature allows the user to choose from set responses, allowing for a precise response to a question so that you can more easily qualify your leads.

This is way more efficient for gathering responses to simple questions rather than trying to prompt your customers to enter the proper keywords and reduces the chance of user error.

LeadBot is currently only available on Team and higher plans. Learn more about our pricing here.  Admin's are currently the only one who can manage LeadBots. For information about Admins vs. Users, click here.

You can have both open ended responses and buttons in the same question! Even if there are buttons, the user can still enter text! You can create both button and keyword follow ups for the same question. The user can also trigger a button response by entering text, text on the button functions as an Equals keyword.

Here’s how to set Buttons up...

Create Customer Response

Select a question you would like button follow ups on or create a new question. In this question, click create New Follow Up.

In the newly created text field, enter what you want the LeadBot to say in response to the current question given a certain input. 

Once you click the trigger button, you will be brought to the Advanced Follow Up Settings. At the top of this page there are two options: Keywords and Button. Click Button.

Enter the text you want on your button in the first text field. Then, set the next step for once the the button is clicked.

Click Done to re-enter your LeadBot screen.

Keep your text short and sweet, especially if you have multiple buttons! This will keep your chat from getting too cluttered

Make More Buttons!

Each button triggers exactly one follow up, so create a new follow up for however many buttons you would like per question.

Repeat this process for however many questions you want to have a buttons on!

Once you are done, be sure to save by hitting the green Save button in the top right corner of the page.

Organize your question to have the minimum number of buttons possible, this keeps your chat space from getting too cluttered!

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