LeadBot Responses

by Conley Ernst

Fluid conversations with LeadBot are courtesy of Keyword powered responses. LeadBot will be able to generate intelligent responses to customer conversation based on how you set the follow ups to questions.

LeadBot is currently only available on Pro and higher plans. Learn more about our pricing here.  Admin's are currently the only one who can manage LeadBots. For information about Admins vs. Users, click here.

Here’s how to set Keywords up...

Create Follow Up

Select a question you would like button follow ups on or create a new question. In this question, click Add Customer Response. 

In the newly created text field, enter a response you want LeadBot to have given a certain input.

Enter what you want the LeadBot to say in response to the current question given a certain input (which we will set next). 

Set Keywords

In the follow up settings page, begin adding your keywords. Write a keyword in the text field to the right and select a relationship from the drop down menu to the left of the text field. The options are…

  • Similar To – words that are similar to the entered text

  • Contains  – words or phrases that contain entered text

  • Equals – exact match to entered text

Add as many keywords you want to trigger the entered follow up! Adding words leads to higher accuracy.

Click Done to return to the LeadBot screen

Try 4 or 5 keywords or phrases to help the bot respond more accurately. Think of different ways the same ideas can be phrased and try to predict how users will respond.

Create More Follow Ups!

Continue creating more follow ups with different keywords so the LeadBot can respond accurately to whatever your users enter.

 Follow ups can contain both keywords and buttons! The text entered on the button acts the same as an Equals

If you run into any trouble or have any questions, let us know. We’re here to help!

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