Formatting Your Text In Conversations and Campaigns

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Ever wonder if you format text in conversations with customers or really emphasize a point in your campaigns? Wonder no more! Here’s your guide on formatting text in Conversations and Campaigns.

How to format text in Conversations...

Select Conversation

Enter your conversation and select the conversation you would like to have formatted text in.

Select Your Formatting and Write Text

Below your text field, you will see three small buttons labeled **bold**, _italic_, and [linkname]( – these are the three types of text formatting conversations supports: bold, italics, and hyperlinks.

All of these formatting options can be used by clicking on the corresponding button or mimicking the text in the button (ie. writing the word or phrase you want in italics framed by underscores).


Bold is used by framing text in two asterisks.


Italics is used by framing text in two underscores.

Hyperlinked Text

Hyperlinked Text is used by writing the word or phrase you want attached with the link in brackets directly followed by the URL framed in parenthesis.

How to format text in Campaigns...

Select Conversation

Enter your campaign page on your Drift account. Select the campaign you would like to use to click New Campaign.

Compose and Format Your Campaign

In the Message text field, being writing your announcement. Highlight the text you would like to format and hover over the highlighted text.

You can’t format the text in the Header text field, it is automatically bold.

A toolbar will pop up and hover over the text with the options for formatting: bold, italics, hyperlink text, and quotation.

The final button in the toolbar is to insert video into your campaign, for more information click here.



Hyperlinked Text


Formatting can add an extra edge to your campaign and capture your viewers attention!

If you run into any trouble or have any questions, let us know. We’re here to help!

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