How to Deal with Support Questions that Come into Drift

by Sara Pion

Support and Drift

Although Drift is the leading conversation-driven sales and marketing platform, there is the possibility that support questions will come in from your site and into your Drift chat. We understand that, and we wanted to share some tips to help you be able to mitigate support questions to the right people, without bothering your sales team with questions they don't need to answer. 

Target Specific Playbooks to your Knowledge-base 

Whether you are on a Starter plan, or an Enterprise plan, you can make sure you have specific Playbooks running on pages that have a greater possibility of  getting support question. Your knowledge base is a great place to start!

Another support or product heavy website page could be on your pages that offer an explanation of what you do. Having your support staff ready to answer questions can also help qualify leads to be passed onto the Sales team. 

Use Goal Routing in Playbooks

Our LeadBot Playbooks now have the ability to route members of your team based on a Goal reached in the Playbook! This will be a great way to make sure that sales inquiries are directed to your sales team, and support questions go to the members of your team who handle product and tech support! 

Learn more about Goal Routing in Playbooks here.

Take Advantage of Our Integrations 

Using an integration like Zapier can be a helpful tool for pushing support inquiries to the right people on your team.  One way you can use our Zapier integration to field support questions would be to set up a "User Reached Goal" trigger, that is triggered when a user reaches a goal in a Playbook that is specific to a support question. That trigger can then create a ticket in your favorite support tool like Zendesk or HelpScout. 

Learn more about our Zapier integration here!

On the topic of Integrations, our new Vidyard Integration is a great way to connect with users who are on your site to send them screen recordings and captures to help troubleshoot problems in real time. This will be a great tool for support teams to level up their personalization of their solutions and connect with the user. 

We also offer a Knowledge Base Integration, which can be useful for answering FAQs.  Powered by our Bot, this integration will match keywords in a question to titles in your Knowledge base to try and empower your visitors to search for the answer to their question on their own. 

Use Different Inboxes to Field Support Questions

Inboxes are used within Drift to manage any inbound emails or live chat conversations and configuring an Inbox to manage inbound support emails via Drift can be super helpful. Using our Widget API configuration, you can  have chats started on a certain page of your site be routed to a separate support inbox, which can also be associated with your Support email address. 

Using separate inboxes, you can make sure that your Support and Sales teams are able to use Drift in their own ways, in their own spaces. 

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