Glossary of Clearbit fields we add to a contact record once we get the email address

by Sara Pion

When a visitor comes to your site and gives you their email, you'll notice that some properties in your righthand sidebar will pre-populate with some more information than just the email. 

This is due to our contract with Clearbit, who uses the emails of your site visitors to find some more information that can help you find out more about your site visitors. 

Not every person who comes onto your site will be able to be identified via Clearbit

Here is a list of the fields that get populated: 

  • Employment Name: {{}}
  • Employment Title: {{employment.title}}
  • Employment Role: {{employment.role}}
  • Employment Seniority: {{employment.seniority}}
  • Display Location : {{location}}
  • City: {{}}
  • Country: {{}}
  • Latitude: {{}}
  • Longitude: {{geo.lng}}
  • State:  {{geo.stateCode}}
  • Bio: {{}}
  • Gender: {{gender}}
  • Company website: {{domain}}

On the enterprise plan,  you have more information given by the clearbit reveal! 

  • Github Handle: {{github.handle}}
  • Github Followers: {{github.followers}}
  • Twitter Handle: {{twitter.handle}}
  • Twitter Followers: {{twitter.followers}}
  • Facebook Handle: {{facebook.handle}}
  • LinkedIn Handle: {{linkedin.handle}}
  • Metrics Raised: {{metrics.raised}}

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