Set Your Playbooks Frequency

by Sara Pion

Playbooks can be used to alert your customers about temporary announcements, like a new feature, a new piece of content, or a even a change in your business. But having the ability to have customized messages that are evergreen on your site have not been possible. 

Until now!

You can now set your Playbooks to display: 

  • Until the visitor interacts one time
  • Until the visiter interacts, once per session
  • On every page load
A session lasts until there's 30 minutes of inactivity, or the user opens a new browser. 

This will allow you to have Playbooks that will always follow their Display Targeting settings forever! 

We will always set the default frequency to have your Playbooks show Once, so make sure you update your frequency for each of your Playbooks!

What does this mean for your Playbooks? 

Before, when a user interacted with your Playbook (i.e. they dismiss or click on the greeting), Playbooks would disappear. Now, when your site visitors interact with your Playbook, it will appear again, or not, based on the frequency you've set!

This is an example of a user interacting with a Playbook: 

Screen Recording 2017-11-10 at 03.46 PM.gif

After dismissing the Playbook, your frequency settings will either show this message on every page load ( "Always"), once the user is inactive for 30 minutes (Setting "once every session" as the frequency), or it will not show again (Setting "once" as the frequency). 


If a site visitor comes onto the page where your Playbook is running and does not interact with the Playbook. That means they do not dismiss or respond to the Playbook, then the Playbook will default to show every time that user comes onto the page until they interact with it. Once there is interaction, your frequency settings will kick in. 

Here's how to set this up:

  • Choose any of your existing Playbooks, or create a new one: 

  • On the lefthand sidebar of your Playbooks editing interface, go to the "Advanced" tab under "Targeting" 
  • You should see three new options under the "Enable Playbook" section. Here is where you will set your Playbook Frequency! 

Screen Recording 2017-11-10 at 03.55 PM.gif

Having some issues? Check out our Playbook troubleshooting doc here! 

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