Round Robin Your Reps Based on a Goal Reached in Playbooks

by Sara Pion

When your site visitors hit a certain Goal in your LeadBot Playbooks, they become qualified leads that should speak to a sales person. Sometimes, your sales team has specific segments of prospects, that can be qualified by your bot, and they should be the people who are routed to those conversations. 

This is something you can now do in LeadBot Playbooks! 

LeadBot Playbooks are only available on our Team and Company plans

When someone hits a certain LeadBot Playbook goal, you can now choose to round robin a specific set of reps, depending on the Goal. 

Here is how to set this up: 

  • Head to your Playbooks marketplace: 

  • Choose any Playbook that includes a Bot
  • In your "Goals" section, you can see that a default action that is associated with your "LeadBot Qualified" leads is to route the conversation based on your Routing Rules
  • You can edit that information by hovering over the option and clicking the pencil icon on the right hand side of the field. That will bring you to your routing options for that goal. 
  • You'll see a new option in those routing rules to "Round Robin" within a group. In that section, you can choose which sales reps will be round robined to leads who reach that specific goal!
Once you've set this routing rule up, you will be able to see which Playbook a conversation was starting from, and which goal was reached that triggered a user to be routed to the conversation! 

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