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Updated 2 months ago by Sara Pion

With so many exciting features being released week over week, we decided to write up a full guide to Playbooks so that you have a one-stop-shop to all things Playbooks. 

Think of this as one big meta-doc where all (or most) of your Playbooks questions can be answered.

Q: Which Playbooks do I have access to on my plan? 

A: All of our paid plans have access to some playbooks! For our Playbooks by Plan help doc, click here

Q: Where do I find the Playbooks I want to create? 

A: You can find all of the Playbooks offered by Drift  in the Playbooks Marketplace! To learn more about the MarketPlace,click here!

Q: Which Playbook should I make for my specific use case? 

A: We have a help doc that walks you through which targeting situation works the best with each Playbook. Check it out here!

Q: What happened to campaigns? 

A: We transferred all functionality from campaigns to Playbooks! 

With this transition comes new and improved reporting, but no changes were made to the functionality you had with Campaigns (besides NPS surveys, which were phased out with this switch. If you have an NPS running, let us know and we'll let you know about next steps!) Check out these two docs on our transition from campaigns to Playbooks, here and here

Q: What is the difference between Playbooks and the Welcome message? 

A: With all the excitement around Playbooks, sometimes people forget about the simpler aspects of Drift. We wrote up a comparison doc to help map out those differences, which you can see here

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