Drift ABM: Sync Leads into Drift from Salesforce

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If you've spent any time as an outbound sales rep, you know that prospecting accounts can be really tricky, and really rewarding when you finally close a deal. 

Just tracking clicks to your emails can be frustrating when all you want to do is reach out to them and chat, ask if they have any questions and let them know you are there to answer. 

Drift is here to close that loop. 

When a prospect from a company lands on your marketing site, members of your Sales team should be able to be notified so as to not miss an opportunity to engage with them and have a greater probability of closing a deal.  

At the same time, your prospect should be immediately engaged in a customized manner, so they have a message from you there to greet them letting them know you're available to talk. 

So we are announcing Drift ABM, where you can send personalized, and targeted messages to the people that really matter. 

Just upload a list of accounts you want to target with a personalized message and have your sales team start to enjoy prospecting again. 

This feature is for Company or Enterprise plans with the Clearbit add-on

Here's how to set it up: 

There are two ways to add accounts into Drift right now. We are going to go over Syncing accounts from Salesforce first. To learn how to do a CSV upload of your accounts, read the help doc here

First, set up your targeted accounts in Salesforce: 

  • Head to your Accounts tab in Salesforce, and edit your view.
  • Edit your Accounts View name with the following criteria: 
The criteria you need to include in your list is: account name, domain, account owner. If you do not include this information, the sync will not be successful. 

Now, sync your accounts from Salesforce into Drift:

  • Head to your new "Accounts" tab on the lefthand sidebar
  • From this page, you can add your accounts from Salesforce, or manually add them:

Make Your Accounts Targeted : 

You can upload lists into Drift without them being used for ABM! Find out more how you can use accounts, targeted or not here!

When you are uploading your accounts into Drift, you can check this box to make them a targeted ABM account. This will ensure that they are delivered the ABM Playbook:

This means you can import accounts other than targeted accounts into Drift, to use with things like Dynamic Sender.

Then, Account Owners should follow their Accounts: 

Each Sales rep needs to do this individually in their settings
  • Head to your account settings to turn on notifications for your accounts: 
  • Towards the bottom of your Notification settings page, you should see the option to "Follow your Accounts". If you turn that option on, you will get a mobile or browser notification (if they are enabled) when your Account is live on your website! 

Lastly, set up the ABM Playbook!

  • Head to your Playbooks tab and click on New Playbook

  • Choose the "Greet your Targeted Accounts" Playbook under Messaging Playbooks
  • This is where you can customize a welcome message to show your targeted accounts. We drafted one for you that includes the Account Name to make it super personal. 

  • This playbook will automatically put the Account Owner as both the “welcome message” face and route the conversation right to them if the lead responds.
  • The default targeting settings are set up so that everyone who is part of a targeted account that you've synced to Drift will receive that personalized message

Advanced Targeting: 

Set your Playbooks frequency to have your Playbook deliver to your audience once, on every session, or on every page load! 

  • Once all of your Playbook settings are up to your standards, you can save your settings, and publish it!
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You might run into 2 problems: 

1. The salesforce owner isn't mapped in Drift.  This is something you'll need to do in order to make sure the right person is routed to the conversation! 

2. Your account doesn't have a website in the website field in Salesforce. You will need to add that as a field and then resync your list 

The error will look something like this and we will make sure to allow you to download a CSV of the accounts that were causing errors: 

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