Advanced Widget Settings: Turning off Attachments, Browser Notifications, and URL Unfurling

Updated 2 months ago by Sara Pion

You asked, we listened! 

Using Drift's Advanced Chat Widget settings, you can now turn the ability for your users to send attachments through chat on or off, remove the flashing browser notifications your site visitor would see if they had messages waiting for them on your site, and remove the URL image unfurling to just have your URLs display without the metadata.

By turning these on, you can further customize your site visitors user experience with Drift on your website!

Here's where to find them: 

  • In your Drift app, click on Settings --> Chat Widget --> Advanced 

In your Advanced settings, you'll see two new toggles for you to use: 
  • Allow Incoming Attachments
  • Flash Tab for New Messages
If you keep these settings ON, it will allow users to send attachments or get the tab notification. If these toggles are turned OFF, you will remove these features from your chat widget. 

To Turn off URL Unfurl

You can head to your Settings > Conversations > Advanced and toggle off your Unfurl Option


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