Marketo Integration - New Conversation Activity

Updated 2 months ago by Stipe Latkovic

Anytime a contact has a new conversation in Drift, that will be logged as an activity on the lead in Marketo. To start sending this activity, you'll first need to create a Custom Activity within Marketo and provide it's ID.

  1. Click Admin in the top right of the screen
  2. Click Marketo Custom Activities on the sidebar
  3. Create a new Custom Activity

For the activity’s primary field name, enter the following exactly:


Note the API name will auto complete.

Approve the Activity from the Custom Activity Actions drop down. 

Within Drift, go to your Marketo integration's Page: 

Choose "Sync Marketo Data" 

Match up the Drift activity to the Marketo activity using the dropdown menus:

Make sure that the Activity check box is checked so these activities are synced!

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