What Your Conversation View Looks Like Based On Your Plan

by Jacob Shobin

This is the information that we populate for you based month plan you are on.


As a Free User, Clearbit will be able to populate some important information:

On the right hand side of your conversations view, you will be able to view some other preliminary information from your conversations with users.

This information will not be populated automatically, so you will have to enter it manually.

Starter and Pro

On a starter plan, Clearbit will populate enriched data for you, automatically!

You can read more about enriched data population by plan here!

We will only populate information that Clearbit has. So, not every email will be able to populate this information

In our Pro plan, not much changes from Pro to Starter. You still get this information from Clearbit!


As an Enterprise User, Clearbit will be able to populate even more information:

In addition, the right hand side of your Chat Window will display:

If you have any questions, feel free to write in to us! We're glad to help!

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