Using Video to Create Engaging Conversations 

Using Video to Create Engaging Conversations 

Using video on your Playbooks can help you capture site visitors' attention, making your conversations more interactive, and drive higher engagement. At Drift, we recognize the power of video in sales and marketing strategies as it informs and educates while entertaining prospects. 

Include Video Using a Link 

Link to a video from any question or message of your Playbook by selecting the 'link' icon and choosing the text you want to contain the link and its corresponding destination.


Vidyard Integration 

With Vidyard, you can insert videos inside the chat widget allowing your site visitors to click and watch the video while they are chatting with you. You can also use this integration to send videos within your marketing emails to let your leads know there is a real person on the other side of the email. 

After integrating the app, just go to your conversations and click on the '+' and open Vidyard to send or record a video. This feature is perfect for sending videos for frequently asked questions or screen recordings that explain how to use a product or follow a process!

To learn more about adding Vidyard content into your emails, check out this article.

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