Using the Drift Chrome Extension

Introducing the Drift Extension! 

Our extension empowers you to have real-time conversations with the people you've emailed while they're on your website, and there's the added bonus that it tracks the number of email opens, clicks, and page views.

The Drift Extension is available for your Google Chrome Browser when using Gmail. 

You can download the extension from the Google Chrome Store.

Using the Extension

Now, that you've set up the extension, when you send an email to a user, you'll see a 'Tracking is ON' button. You will need to make sure it's not off for the tracking to work.

You can have a conversation with anyone who clicks on the link you include with a tracked email. It must be a working hyperlink to your website! All you have to do is enable the "Greet Prospects You've Emailed" Outbound Playbook 

When they arrive at your site, they will be greeted by a personalized message with your face on it, and when they respond to the greeting, you'll be able to open the extension to click 'Reply' and chat away!



You can only send it to one recipient at a time!

 From the Extension, you can monitor opens, page views, and clicks in real time.



Browser Notification Settings

Here you can completely customize what types of notifications you get and who they're about.





From here, you can customize the types of notifications you receive. Our current options are notifications for:

  • When a user you're following has visited your site
  • When someone clicks the link in an email you sent with Drift
  • When someone opens your email sent with Drift

You can also choose to ignore the activity from certain domains. Don't want to know when your coworker clicks an email you sent out with Drift? Just put in your email domain and you won't be bothered with the notification!


Muting notifications from a domain or particular user will prevent them from showing up in our slider notifications on the top of the screen. However, all activity will still show up in your Activity view.


You also have the option to mute notifications from a specific user or from anyone from a certain domain right in the Activity view. 



Your browser notifications for Email Tracking are separate from the browser notifications for messages. You will have to turn your Drift notifications on for notifications around those messages.

 To change your message notifications:

    1. Click your avatar in the lower-left corner
    2. Click "My Settings"
    3. Navigate to the "My Account" tab
    4. Click "Notifications" and set your preferences



In this tab, you can set notifications to appear for all conversations, those you're in or that have no participant, only those that you're in, or none.



Tracking Your Emails in Your CRM

You can automatically send email copies to your CRM to log activity. Drift will add the address to the BCC field every time so you don't have to!


Troubleshooting Issues

Is your Welcome Message not appearing on your site?

  • Do you have your 'Greet Outbound Prospects You Emailed" playbook set up? The playbook will target all reps with the extension by default.
  • If someone has already been identified in Drift, and you open the link from Drift in that browser, then it will maintain their old identity and will not rewrite it. Try opening it up in an incognito window. It should bypass this now!
  • Make sure your ORG URL is set up (you might be sending to a link that doesn’t have drift installed, OR they don’t have their ORG URL set up)

Update Your Chrome Extensions

As the Drift Team continues to update and add features to our Chrome extension, users will need to know how to keep theirs caught up! Below are the steps and a screen recording for updating your Chrome extension:

  • Head on over to the Drift extension next to the URL bar of your browser and right click on it
  • Select the option "Manage Extensions"
  • Find the "Developer Mode" toggle on the top right corner of this page and flip it to on
  • You should see a new tool bar appear with the option "Update" - Click that and you are good to go!

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