Drift's Slack Integration

We want to enable you to talk to your customers from anywhere at anytime. We know it’s hard to be in front of a computer at all times and a lot of you spend most of your day in Slack. That’s why we built our two-way Slack integration. Read on to implement and understand its functionality.


Guide Overview

  1. Capabilities of the Integration
  2. Setting up the Drift <> Slack integration
  3. How the integration works
  4. Useful Shortcuts
  5. FAQs
For a comprehensive list of all the App Integrations that Drift offers,  go here


1. What does Drift's Slack Integration do? 

Good question. Here are its essential features:

  • Drift App acts as a bot in a Slack channel. This bot...
    • Sends a message every time a new conversation is started by a Site Visitor
    • Creates a new channel for every individual live chat conversation
    • Provides contact enrichment details immediately on email capture
    • Provides a link to open the conversation in app.drift.com
  • Agents from within Slack can...
    • See when and from where a chat was started and join them
    • Update Conversation statuses (Open, Closed, Pending)
    • See which Conversations you are routed into (or not) 
    • Respond and receive messages in real time 
    • Invite Drift agents to join the conversation in Slack and Drift using an @shortcut


2. How do I setup Drift's Slack Integration? 

All you need to do is navigate to Settings > App Settings > Integration > Slack, click Connect Account and do the following in the modal that pops up:

  • Sign in to your intended Slack workspace
  • Select the channel you want Drift to post Conversation notifications to
  • Authorize Drift to connect and post into your workspace
Make sure you are an  Admin in both Drift and Slack before attempting to set up this integration.


From within Drift App Settings, here's what you should see:

The Slack channel that you select must be public. You can always make the Slack users single channel guests. You should receive a green confirmation message after Slack finishes accepting permissions, as shown in the clip above.
 If you are curious about the Limit Channel Creation toggle, just skip to the end of section 3 in this doc. 



From within Slack, here's what you should see:


3. How Drift's Slack integration works

Each time a visitor or user starts a new conversation through the Drift widget, a message will post in a Slack channel. This includes messages from all playbooks (and therefore all inboxes as well). To understand how this really works, let's look at the integration in actions:

From your Site Visitor's perspective, everything will look exactly the same as usual. Keep reading to see what this exact conversation looks like from within Slack.


From within your team's Slack workspace, in the channel that you chose, Drift will slack your team will with a message like the one below, automatically creating a channel for each new conversation (#q-visitor-84780  in this example). 


To open the new channel with an individual site visitor, just click on the link provided. After opening the channel, you can start live chatting with the Site Visitor immediately.

Watch the video below for guidance; on the left side is the Drift Agent's view of the slack channel. On the right side is what your company site visitor will experience.


Data enrichment occurs instantaneously on email capture. See the example below, where when a site visitor enters their email, the Drift integration in Slack automatically provides a notification saying "We just learned more about [Site Visitor]".

All the information provided should be matching the ClearBit Enrichment and firmographic information that is also populated within the Drift web app on the contact. Read here to learn more about ClearBit enrichment. 


Features of the Drift Slack Message

The other place where email capture and data enrichment will be reflected is right within the original Slack message from Drift about the conversation. Notice that in the previous image of the message, it said "Conversation with visitor" and now it says "Conversation with Camilla Guo". 

In addition, if you watch the clip below, you'll be able to observe how to 

  1. Use slack command /leave to leave a channel with a specific site visitor
  2. Update conversation Status to Closed
  3. Re-open a conversation that has been marked Closed
  4. Set a conversation Status to Pending
  5. See More Detail and Less Detail about the Site Visitor after email enrichment

If the site visitor ever chats back in, the conversation and channel will be reopened. 



Preventing Noise

Maybe your team only wants to be notified of new chats through slack but doesn't actually want to open new channels and chat directly with site visitors through Slack. We have a setting that stops creating new channels and just links you to the conversation within your app.drift.com inbox which can be found on the Slack App page within Drift. 

This will remove the  #z-visitor-new-channel link from the Drift messages in your selected channel. 


4. Useful Shortcuts

To find all the useful Drift shortcuts, just type "@drift help" into your channel with the connected drift app like shown below. 

This should return a full list of all the shortcut/commands that our App offers: 


Why are these shortcuts very useful? 

A common error that our customers run into is that they themselves or their teammates don't have a Drift Agent account which matches the email for their Slack account. This means that you can't use all of the Slack message functionality mentioned above. For example, clicking the "Update Status" above without an email matching a Drift account would throw the error below. Thankfully, shortcuts still work for anyone, whether you are a Drift user or not!

Doing this will not display “@drift: closed” to the customer. It will only be visible to you and your team in the Slack room. In the Drift interface, it will look like the conversation was closed as normal.


5. FAQs

How do I make sure the channels don’t get out of hand if Drift makes a new one for every conversation?

Immediately after you change the conversations status to "closed", channels will auto-archive. If something happens in that conversation and somebody on your team, or you, respond to that thread, the channel will open back up again.


How do I change the channel that Drift is posting to?

Easy – head to your Slack Settings page in Drift to update this. You must be an admin of your Drift account to make this change.


Do I need to pay for Drift to access this integration?

Nope! It’s completely free.


How do I know it’s working? 

Once you install the Drift JavaScript (), send yourself a message and try it out!


I sent myself a message and it’s not showing up in Slack. What’s the deal?

Sometimes, the integration connection doesn't go through 🙈 Try answering these troubleshooting questions to see if they might be causing any issues:

  1.  Have you tried to connect a previous Drift account to this current Slack account? You can only have one Drift account connected to a Slack account.
  2. Are you the Admin in the Slack account, not just the Drift account? Please note that only the Admin can add the Slack account to the Drift account
  3. Are you seeing an error message in slack? Try disconnecting and reconnecting your Slack integration with Drift. Please note that your Admin must add the Slack account to the Drift Account.
  4. Have multiple people tried to connect their slack account to this Drift account? Just one user should connect their Drift account to the Slack account.
Can I send an attachment from Slack?

Yes, absolutely. Any attachments sent from slack will get posted in the conversation to the person you’re talking with.


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