Drift for Sales Promo Plans - April 2018

If you're signing up for a new account through drift.com/sales, you'll see a promotional offer or two to help you jumpstart how you sell with Drift. Here's a bit more about what exactly is included in those offers.

Offer 1 - Drift Meetings 

For just $15 for a full year, you'll get:

  • One-click email meetings
  • An AI assistant book meetings for you directly on your Drift profile
  • Full meeting management for your prospects - cancelling and rescheduling all within Drift
  • Unlimited meeting types
  • Advanced meeting reporting and analysis
  • Calendar integrations with Google Calendar and Office 365

If you opt to buy this plan, you'll also have the ability to add on Sales Sequences as well - offer 2.

Offer 2 - Sales Sequences + Strategy Session

We're pumped you want to get to booking calls and demos with Drift, so how about a second offer?

For just $25 for a full year, you'll get: 

  • 150 sequence sends per day
  • Message personalization
  • A walkthrough of tried and tested sequences templates
  • Sequences support from our team as you learn the product
  • Full analytics on email opens, clicks, and more
  • A money-back guarantee

Check out drift.com/sales to take advantage of these today!

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