How Notifications Work

Drift can send you notifications three different ways:

  1. Email
  2. Browser (in the top corner of your screen)
  3. Mobile push (You must have our iPhone or Android apps installed and be logged in in order for this to work)

    You can view and update your notification settings .  By default, you will get notifications to all of these channels.

    You can get notifications to as many or as little of these ways as you'd like. And for browser notifications and mobile push notifications, you can choose whether or not to also get a sound along with them.

    How and when notifications send

    If you are not active, we'll notify you about any new messages through the notification channels you chosen (desktop, push, email). 

    If you are active, we will send you browser notifications, but not push notifications (even if you have them enabled) because it means you're actively in Drift and it would be annoying for your phone to constantly buzz about conversations you're already answering.

    Being active means that you have done something (moved your mouse, clicked a button, typed something) in within the last 30 seconds. 

    For email, to avoid flooding your inbox, if any more messages are sent after the first email notification, we wait 15 minutes until the last message and then we'll send you an email with everything you missed in that conversation. This is to avoid a case where a teammate is actively having a conversation with a lead so that you don't have to get a message every time they send another message.

    Why didn't I get a push notification for something?

    You may be testing notifications or noticed that you didn't get a push notification for a specific message.

    There a few possible reasons you're not getting a push notification. Here they are:

    1. To avoid blowing up your phone, we do the same thing with push notifications that we do with emails: we send you a notification at the start of a conversation. Then, we wait 15 minutes until the last message and then we'll send you push notification telling you of everything you missed in that conversation.
    2. Your phone or computer is in do not disturb mode
    3. You have the Drift mobile app currently open
    4. You have push notifications disabled for the Drift app in the Android or iOS settings for your phone
    5. You are actively logged into on your computer and have moved your mouse or typed something in the last 30 seconds
    6. The conversation was assigned to somebody else automatically and your settings are so that you only get notified of conversations assigned to you
    7. You have push notifications turned off in your settings
    8. You're either not logged into your mobile app or you're logged into a different account than the one you're expecting a notification for
    9. Somebody on your team is on-call and is getting automatically assigned to all new conversations, so nothing is left "unassigned" to notify you about
    10. You've turned off your notification via the little bell icon you can see when you click on your avatar

    FAQ about notifications

    Do browser notifications work in all browsers?

    Yep! Browser notifications work in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. 

    How do I make sure I get browser notifications?

    All you need is to have the browser running in the background with open and we'll be able to send browser notifications to your computer.

    Are you not getting the browser notifications even with open?

    Check that they are enabled in your browser.

    Can I change the sound or make it louder or softer?

    You can change the sound here, but there's currently no option to make it louder or softer. You can turn up or turn down the volume on your computer accordingly.

    Can I get notified about every single message?

    You can! - You can set your notification settings to "All Conversation" so you will be notified even if you are not a participant in the chats. 

    I was getting email notifications but now they stopped - what gives?

    If all of your settings are turned on to receive email notifications, you may no longer get emails if something in your email servers caused one of our emails to bounce. Our system automatically stops sending email notifications to accounts where emails bounce so we don't wind up in future spam folders. If you've exhausted all reasons as to why you might not be getting emails from Drift anymore, let us know and we can take a look.

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