May 2018

May 2018

Limit Chats for Your Reps

Company and Enterprise plans can now limit the number of chats a rep can have at one time! This is in Advanced settings under Conversations.

New Team Availability Timing Options

Sometimes 2 minutes is too long to wait for your bot to jump in and send an away message. So, we added a few new options into your bot settings. New Flavors: 30 seconds and 1 minute. Enjoy!

Reroute Unassigned Conversations

Are you tired of new chats sitting in "no participants" forever when nobody is online? Wouldn't it be snazzy if those chats got rerouted when someone went back online? Company and Enterprise plans are now able to do this!

Real Time Send Progress

Marketing email senders, rejoice! Forget about sending an email and constantly refreshing the report to see that the emails went through, you can now watch it send right in front of your eyes! Email send progress is now shown in the marketing email reports and it updates in real time.

Domain Based Auto Unenroll

Our team added a new feature for sales and marketing email sequences that allows users to unenroll contacts when someone from their domain responds. So if you enrolled 5 people from an email address and 1 replies, the rest of the individuals with that domain will be unenrolled from your sequence!

Triggers for Your App

We now allow developers to trigger actions within their apps based on playbook goals.

Insert a Vidyard in Emails

We've now added the ability to record and insert Vidyards in sequences right in the extension!

Retrieve and Delete Customer Data

We've added a Retrieve and Delete data functionality for everyone. You're now able to get an email with all the info Drift has for an email, and potentially delete all the data. This can be used by Admins of the account and found under the Data Privacy tab in settings.

Turn Off New Conversations Button

Users can now toggle off the new conversation list in the widget. This prevents site visitors from bypassing playbooks by opening up and starting a new conversation. You can find it in-app here!

New Salesforce Option

Organizations can now associate created and updated leads and contacts with a Salesforce campaign.

Go to Settings > Apps > Salesforce > Sync Settings and click "Show Advanced Settings"

Improved Widget Targeting

Users now have the ability to create OR conditions for widget targeting!

Load Playbooks Without Metrics

Introducing a new button! is now available on table load failure - this button will retry the request that just failed without fetching the metrics data.


New Salesforce Activity Type

Now users can select a Salesforce Activity Type for a conversation.

Headquarter Display When and Lead Routing

Two in one!! 😮 Now, users can setup Lead Routing Rules AND the widget display settings by company headquarter's location.


Undo Playbook Changes

Organizations can now undo/redo any edits in the bot builder. You can also use the buttons at the top or press cmd + z (undo) and cmd + shift +z (redo)

Company Headquarters Targeting

Users can now target playbooks to company headquarters' country, state, and postal code through Clearbit.

Bot Builder Drag & Drop

If you didn't notice, Drift launched Leabot 2.0 on May 1st! Our product team heard users wanted a drag and drop feature to reorder questions - so they turned around and built it, same day. 

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