Marketo Integration - Connect Your Account


To set up the integration, you’ll need 3 pieces of information from your Marketo account:

  1. Munchkin Account ID
  2. Client ID
  3. Client Secret

We'll go over how to find each of these. First, login to your Marketo account at (To learn about what the Marketo Integration does, go here.

To find out how to disconnect your account, scroll to the last section of this doc. 


Find your Munchkin Account ID

  1. Click Admin in the top right of the screen
  2. Click Munchkin on the sidebar
  3. Find the Munchkin Account ID in the Tracking Code box


Create a Custom User Role in Marketo

For accessing both your Client ID and Client Secret, you’ll first have to create a new User who is assigned a custom Role with the correct API access permissions in Marketo. First, click Admin in the top right of the screen, same as you did for finding the Munchkin Account ID. 

Second, click Users & Roles on the sidebar

Third, click the Roles tab and then create a new role by clicking New Role

Fourth, check the box for full API access. (Suggested Role Name: Drift User, Suggested Description: API Access)

Finally, click Create and you should now see your new User Role listed. You can double click to edit this at any time. For now, there are still no Users assigned this Role. 


Assign a User to the New Role 

Since you just created a custom role, you now need to assign a Marketo user (yourself or a teammate) to the custom role you just created. To do so:

First, click the Users tab.

Invite a new User by clicking the Invite New User button. 

On the Step 2: Permissions step, Assign the new Role you just created:

Check the box for API Only

Click Send, which you should be able to because an Invitation won't be required for API only access. 

After successfully doing so, the User that you just invited should appear at the bottom of your Users list. Now we just have one more step before being able to find the Client ID and Client Secret!


Finding Client ID and Client Secret

Click LaunchPoint from the sidebar. If you're unfamiliar with how Launchpoint works, then refer to Marketo's description here

Create a new Service using the toolbar dropdown labeled New: 

Select Custom for the Service, and for API Only User select the teammate who you just assigned the new custom role. Our suggested description is "Service to allow Drift access". 

After clicking Create to complete adding the new Service, the Drift Integration should again be listed at the bottom of the table list. Finally, you can click View Details to find both your Client ID and Client Secret.

Woohoo! You should have all three pieces of information that we were originally looking for :-) Once you have your Munchkin Account ID, Client ID, and Client Secret, enter them in Drift’s Marketo integration page. You can find it in your Drift account under Settings > Integrations.

Click the green Connect button, and input your Munchkin Account ID, Client ID, and Client Secret in the three text fields provided:

Screen Recording 2017-10-11 at 05.05 PM.gif

Click the Connect Marketo V2 button and look for a the green Connected text. Once you're successfully connected, the app should look like this:

And you're all set. If you have further questions or are running into trouble with connecting your Marketo account, just chat in with our Customer Advocate team or email


Disconnecting your Marketo Integration

If you choose to Disconnect the Marketo Integration, you'll see the pop-up below to confirm that you would like to disconnect. Don't worry about keeping mapped attributes and users, as long as you reconnect with the same account, we will preserve those settings. 


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