What Integrations are available on each Drift Plan?

Here's an up-to-date list of what integrations are available on each plan. If you have questions about our features by plan, head to our Pricing page here instead. 



  • The Slack integration is our most popular Integration. Chat in without disrupting your workflow and switching windows!
  • Our Vidyard integration allows you to send personalized videos right from Drift
  • Connecting with Google Analytics is a great way to track conversion and page flows associated with chats and meetings booked.
  • Use the MadKudu integration to identify and prioritize your best leads without manually assigning attributes!


  • The Zapier integration is a terrific resource for automating really specific workflows between applications that Drift doesn't yet have native integrations for
  • Connect to and access a Knowledge Base we connect with for surfacing bot article suggestions to your customers (HelpScout, Helpdocs, and Wordpress available).



  • Salesforce is our most sophisticated and popular integration among users on the Paid Plan because of its routing, ABM, attribute mapping, and Revenue Dashboard capabilities
  • Zendesk ticket creation is a great way to never miss a question and provide a venue of Support through Drift
  • HubSpot CRM workflows can be triggered by events or attributes that Drift sends. 
  • Installing Drift through Segment also includes an option to use your write key to send your live chat data back to Segment
  • Use our Drip integration to see who’s subscribed to your Drip campaigns, opened your emails, and more within Drift. Inside Drip, see which of your email subscribers have had conversations with you via Drift.
  • With the Fullstory integration Drift will automatically detect FullStory on your site and FullStory session URLs will begin appearing inside of Drift. 


Premium (formerly Company) & Enterprise

  • The Clearbit Integration uses Drift Intel, and Clearbit Reveal (add-on) goes beyond standard CB enrichment to turn anonymous website traffic into full company profiles, powering targeted ABM campaigns and helping personalize the contents of both your chat and email playbooks.
  • Drift's Marketo Integration creates new Drift sourced leads, logs chat activity and engagement, and sends chat transcripts so that you have full context for fastlaning contacts through the sales funnel.
  • Use the Demandbase Integration to drive conversational ABM across the site based on Demandbase Audiences, Watch Lists, and firmographic data.


Other Integrations

The following are integrations that are available without the use of Zapier in Drift, but were set up by the individual company. The corresponding help articles link to their individual articles. 






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