Drift's HubSpot Integration


Guide Overview

  • Installing on HubSpot hosted pages
  • Requirements for the integration
  • Functionalities of the integration
  • Identifying known HubSpot users 
  • Setting up the connection


Installing on HubSpot Hosted Pages: 

If you'd like to connect Drift to your HubSpot hosted page you can follow the directions here and copy the JavaScript snippet from Drift here to insert.



    • Our HubSpot integration is available only on Drift's Pro Plan and above.
    • This integration requires a HubSpot account with API access turned on (should be all plans).
    • The user who connects this integration also needs to be an superadmin in HubSpot.


HubSpot Integration Functionalities

Here’s what the integration will do for you…

  • All new contacts added into Drift, from the moment you connect the integration and forward, will be automatically synced in to HubSpot's database as soon as they provide their email. If you would like to to delay this, you can do that in your HubSpot Sync Settings. 
  • If you have contacts in HubSpot, those contacts will be recognized by Drift as well using HubSpot's cookie!
  • When a conversation is closed in Drift, we sync attributes for the contact.
  • We also log the Drift conversation link as an event on the HubSpot record.
HubSpot events are only available on the HubSpot Pro and HubSpot Enterprise plans. To use HubSpot events as triggers, you will need to have the HubSpot Enterprise plan. 


Automatically identify users via the HubSpot cookie:

  • After integrating HubSpot with Drift, if somebody gets cookied via HubSpot (they filled out a HubSpot form, clicked on a link from a HubSpot email), the next time they come to your site, we'll already know who they are and their email address - it's like magic!
  • If somebody is cookied but there is no contact email in HubSpot, when they do provide an email within a conversation, we'll create a form in HubSpot named "Drift" and make a submission to that form with that email and cookie.
  • Note: This will only work from the moment this is turned on and forwards. It will not work with historically identified contacts
If cookie identification is disabled or a contact did not have the HubSpot cookie, created contacts will be labeled in HubSpot as "Offline Source"

Below is what the Drift event looks like in the HubSpot timeline. To learn more about HubSpot Events, click here!

Since we’re sending events to HubSpot, you’ll also be able to create lists based on:

  • New conversations
  • Messages being sent



If you want to learn more about what Drift properties in Hubspot mean, click here.


Setting up the HubSpot integration

Go here and login with your HubSpot credentials.

Using the Drift Settings > App Settings > Apps page:


  1. Here is a status icon that let's you know if Hubspot and Drift are connected
  2. This is where you can go and install Drift onto your Hubspot hosted website
  3. Synced Hubspot Data is where users can choose to sync leads, lead owners, and send Drift activity data to HubSpot. You can also identify Drift visitors with the HubSpot cookie here
  4. Here you can choose to map which fields you want to add to new Hubspot Leads. These Drift attributes will be added to new Hubspot Leads when they’re created.
  5. The Mapped Hubspot Users tab lets you map your Drift Teammates to your Hubspot users or invite them to join the family!


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