How to Use Zapier and Playbooks to Trigger Events When Goals are Hit

The integration can help users connect their Drift accounts to all different kinds of apps. We recently updated our Zapier integration to include a new trigger: when your site visitors reach a certain goal in a Playbook, with a designated . 


Our Zapier integration is available on all of our paid plans


We know marketers love to use specific actions of their site visitors to kick off more qualifying workflows , and now this Zapier trigger can help! 


With this trigger, you can specify the exact Lead Stage that you want to provoke a specific action, rather than having every goal associated with a Playbook trigger a workflow that might not be intended for every end user who interacts with your bot. 



The Lead Stage you want to use as the trigger can be found in your Playbooks Editing Interface
If you have 2 different Playbooks that have the same Lead Stage, this Zap will trigger for both of those Playbooks 



2. The attributes you can map to your CRM or Web App from this trigger are:

  • Playbook ID
  • Goal ID
  • Message Type (this will always be "Goal Reached")
  • Conversation Link
  • End User ID --> This is the most important part ! This attribute includes the internal record number of the end user and is something you can pass into your app using the "search methods"

3. How to look up all End User Information Using the "Search Action" in Zapier: 

After you've created the trigger of "User Reached Goal with Lead Stage", in order to get the contact's attributes you've collected in Drift, you can set up another action in Zapier and use the "Find User by End User Id" search action. 



Using this search method will search your Drift account to pull back all of the data you have collected on a certain user who has also interacted with your Playbook. You will then be able to push this information into your preferred web app or CRM. 


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