How to Upload a CSV of Lists to Use with the ABM Playbook

If you are using the ABM Playbook and do not have a Salesforce account to sync lists from, you can now use our CSV upload to add your targeted accounts into Drift! 

Notes: this feature requires the Company or Enterprise plan with Clearbit add-on.


There are 3 fields that you need to make sure to include and populate in your CSV: 

  • Account Name
  • Domain (website)
  • Account owner email (This email must match the email address of your teammate in Drift. This will be the person the messages will be coming from)
If you do not include these three fields, or the fields are blank in the upload, then those accounts wont be synced. 


Here's how to set this up in your Drift account: 

Head to your new "Accounts" tab on the lefthand sidebar

From this page, you can import from a CSV, manually add Accounts, sync Accounts from Salesforce, or Drift can send you a suggested list based off of you site visitors over the past week! 

Click 'Import CSV'
Then, on the Imports page, either browse a CSV on your computer, or drag and drop and CSV file:
A few things to note on this page:
Once you select the CSV, be sure to correctly map the different columns to Drift attributes.

After, you'll be brought back to the Imports page.

Here you can see your most recent import.

If there are accounts that caused an error, you will be able to download the CSV of failed accounts and change the information necessary for those reports, so you can re-upload those accounts back into Drift:

Again, when you re-upload your failed accounts, you do not need to re-upload the entire list.

Just the updated accounts that failed the first time.


Need help setting up the ABM Playbook? Check out the help doc here.

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