How to Target Users You've Emailed With Drift Email

If you are using Drift Email and the Drift Chrome Extension, chances are you are emailing prospects you want to target later on when they come back onto your site.

Using our Display Targeting conditions, you can target prospects that you've emailed when they come back onto your site! This can help you nurture, and continue to engage prospects to help you close more deals.  💸

Basics of Audience Settings

Note: For more content like this about targeting:  Firmographics and  Geolocation 

To continue learning how to specifically target users you have emailed through Drift, continue on through this doc. 


Target Users You have Emailed

Great, now that you are set up we can get on to the cool functionality! To target contacts who have received emails from Drift before, you will need to navigate to the "Drift" tab of Display Conditions. 

Step 1:  Outbound Session is true

Note: To achieve Step 2, you will need to add another condition. Add new conditions according to these options:



Step 2: From your display editing screen, you'll want to add another Drift condition. Using the Dropdown menu, choose "Outbound Rep" and "is" and then choose your teammate from the menu! 

Note: You can dynamically search for teammates directly in the dropdown if the list is very long. 



This will ensure that whichever prospects this outbound rep sent an email to via the Drift chrome extension will receive this Playbook. Just another way to delight and nurture leads when they come back onto your site! 

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