Install Drift in BigCommerce


Setting up Drift in BigCommerce is easy. Doing so will let you:

  • Talk to customers while they’re thinking about buying
  • Walk you through the buying process via live chat
  • Answer any questions they may have and improve your product listings

Here’s how to install Drift right in your online store in only a few minutes…

1) From the onboarding page, select to install Drift via JavaScript

2) Choose to target website visitors

3) Copy the JavaScript code that you see on this page

4) Login to BigCommerce and select “Advanced Options”

5) Click on “Live Chat”

6) Click on “Other Third Party Live Chat Service” and click save

7) Click on the tab that says “Other Third Party Live Chat Service,” paste in the Drift code, select "On The Top of the Page" within the Chat Box Location and click save. Now you’re good to go!

You will need to choose the option for "On the top of the page" within the Chat Box Location dropdown. Drift will not work with the "On the side of the page" option.


Not using Drift yet? Get your free account here.

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