How to Create a New Attribute In Drift

If there is a certain attribute you want to add to your contact records in Drift that you are hoping to use in Playbooks or for your other workflows, you can create custom attribute within Drift and add them to all your contact records. 

In order for these attributes to be filled out, you need to supply the data into Drift. You can do that with the Javascript SDK or when you are uploading contacts manually.

Here's how to set this up: 

In your contacts view in Drift, you can choose any one of your contacts to update with the new attribute: 

On the Lefthand side of your contact's page, you should be able to see the option to "Create New Contact Attribute" 

You can then create your new Custom Attribute! 

Screen Recording 2017-11-14 at 01.59 PM.gif

There will be a Dropdown menu where you can choose what kind of Attribute you are adding to your contact record that can help with filtering contacts in the CRM : 

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