How to launch a bot with a button using #DriftLinks

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#DriftLinks provide a new opportunity to bring traffic to your Bot Playbooks. Now adding a #DriftLink to any page with Drift installed will automatically add a Bot to that page! You can now target customers for Bots through sharing links.

Think of the possibilities! All the places you can place links can now serve as an avenue to your Bots.

  • Attach a link to a button to bring a customer to your page and kiss forms goodbye!
  • Share a link to your social media to drive a whole new pool of traffic to your bots!
  • If you can link it– you can do it. Read ahead to learn how Drift can help you change boring links into leads.

Here’s how to set up your #DriftLinks...

Select your Playbook

Click the Playbook icon, then New Playbook and Chat Playbook.

Name your #DriftLink

You’re good to go! Congratulations, you just created a #DriftLink!

If you change #DriftLink at anytime, your previous links for that Bot will no longer work. Be sure if you change your #DriftLink that you update all of your links!


Use your #DriftLink

Your Drift Link can be added to the end of any of your page’s URL and the selected Bot will be set up on that page!

Here is a doc that specifically explains how to test your playbook using a #DriftLink

Two important steps when using the DriftLink:

1. Make sure there is a # before the DriftLink's name

2. To avoid the page refreshing on every click, remove the trailing slash within the URL. This video goes into more detail about avoiding this refresh.


A customer can be brought to the same Bot multiple times if they click on the link more than once.

You can attach these links to buttons and text on your site or insert them in emails to drive your customers to a page with a Bot ready to go! Skip the forms and lost traffic, let Drift take the wheel and change your site visitors into leads.

Opening the #DriftLink from any button

A great usage for the #DriftLink would be to add it to the href of a button that you already have on your website, so that it will cause the conversation sidebar to pull up right on the side of the page instead of having a page refresh. An example of this would be Drift's "Get a Demo" button on our homepage (click here to access):


Make sure that when you're inserting it you only have the #DriftLink itself, and not the entire URL!


Using #DriftLink for an Online/Offline Playbook

Once #DriftLink is turned on, you are not able to use or add Audience Settings like Online or Offline. However, you can use a code snippet to tell Drift to fire either the Offline or Online Playbook based on Drift's status. 

function onClick() {
    drift.on('ready', function(api, event) {
      if ( {
        location.hash = "REPLACE_WITH_ONLINE_DRIFTLINK"
      } else {
        location.hash = "REPLACE_WITH_OFFLINE_DRIFTLINK"

Add the above code snippet after the web page has loaded its content.

Then, when the button is clicked, it will check the Drift status and fire either the Offline/Online Playbook based on that status!



As always, if you have any questions just chat with us! 

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