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Drift Help is a tool for creating and managing your organizations help documentation to help you consolidate all of your support tools. In addition to hosting and managing the documents, Drift Bot can also automatically serve the documents to your site visitors. Read more on that here. In this article, we'll go over the basics of how documents are organized, what the article statuses are, and how to get building on Drift Help.

If you've already taken a look around Drift Help and need help customizing the styling, logos, and URL, click here!


How Drift Help is Organized

Documents on Drift Help have a couple options for organization as you create your document hierarchy. Let's go over some quick definitions.

Article: The actual help document with your content on it. Articles can have 1 of 3 statuses - Public, Private, or Draft

Public - Available to view on your help center by anyone

Private - Available to view on your help center by anyone that has the article's URL. These won't be visible to anyone just browsing the site.

Draft - Not available to view anywhere on the Drift Help center. They will only show in your list of articles in the dashboard.

Category: The large groups for document organization that will appear on your Drift Help homepage

Section: Sub groups in the document categories. A category can have multiple sections, each with its own articles.



In our own help center, "Getting Started" is an example of a category, while "For Reps" and "For Admins" are sections, each with their own articles.

For now, the first 3 categories that appear in this list are labeled "Top Categories" on your help center homepage.
Additionally, articles can live directly under a category heading while the category also has sections. Here's what that looks like in Drift:
And here's what it looks like on the help center:

How to Create a New Article, Section, or Category

To create a new article, section, or category, click the Add dropdown menu in the top left:

If you create a category, we'll ask for its name, and also for a description, which shows under the category name.

When creating a section, we'll also ask which category it should fall under. If you'd like to edit this information later or delete the category/section, you can hover over the name in the left sidebar and click the edit or delete icon.

If you're creating a new article for the first time, click here for the full low-down.


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