The Drift Chat Widget: Display Settings

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  1. What is the widget? 
  2. How do I display the widget always? 
  3. How do target the widget to display on certain visitors and pages on my site? 
  4. How do I remove the widget completely? 
  5. Why isn't my widget displaying the right messages? 
Targeting the Chat Widget icon to specific pages and audiences is a paid feature on Standard plans and above.


1. The Drift Chat Widget

Hold up. What is a Widget? 

Laymen Speak: Those little boxes you see on websites (i.e, our Drift chat bubble) that perform one simple function (i.e., chat conversations).

The Textbook Definition: A widget is a stand-alone application that can be embedded into third party sites by any user on a page where they have rights of authorship (e.g. a webpage, blog, or profile on a social media site)

The Drift Chat Widget: The box which shows in the bottom right corner of your webpage after successful installation. It is the main interface through which your end users can interact with any messages you create and send through Drift chat. It contains and fires Default greetings, Welcome Message playbooks, and LeadBot chat playbooks. 


2. Displaying the Widget

If the chat widget icon is not showing up on your site and you'd like it to be - no worries! Run through this checklist to ensure everything is set up properly. 


3. Displaying the Widget with Targeting


Navigate from Settings > App Settings > Chat Widget > Hours and Targetingscroll down to TargetingHere, you can target the widget based on two types of conditions, very similar to playbook targeting

  • Audience: segments you've created, whether static or dynamic, based on contact attributes or playbook events
  • Display When: named sets of conditions which you can customize, including URL 




Create a New Display When Condition


To create a new display condition, hit Create New and then choose among any combination of the following factors:

  • Firmographics: Number of employees, Industry, Alexa ranking, Headquarters location
  • Hours: Drift Online/Offline Hours, Team Hours
  • Location: IP address, US State, Country
  • URL parameters: path, query, referrer
  • Device: Mobile, Web, etc. 
  • Website Behavior: Scroll percentage Number of Site Visits, Number of Seconds on Page



See the example below of creating a new Display When... condition!

These display conditions are ONLY for the chat widget - playbooks will follow their own display conditions.


4. Removing the Widget

If you would like to remove the chat widget from your site entirely, Navigate fromSettings > App Settings > Chat Widget > Display the Chat Widget Icon (Toggle Off)

If you are still encountering problems, chat with us and we can help! 

5. Widget FAQs


Why is my widget still displaying when I excluded it with targeting? 

  • Removing your widget from a page or situation does not prevent playbooks from firing on that page! While the widget can coexist with playbooks, the playbooks don't need the Drift Chat Widget in order to work. Why? Oftentimes, people will create playbooks for their customers to interact with on a page, and they want the whole chat bubble icon to disappear if the bot flow is completed, rather than leave the chat there for people to free-type into.


Why isn't my Default Greeting updating? 

  • So, if your widget is still displaying, what's inside of it is probably not the Default Greeting (online or offline messages) but actually a Welcome Message Playbookwhich often has very similar copy to a Default Greeting. Check if you have a Welcome Message playbook in your Playbook list. Make sure the status is turned off (grey, instead of green) if you never want it to show, or make sure it has the same targeting conditions that you set for your Drift Chat Widget if you want it to display with the same Targeting!


Can I move my widget to somewhere else on the page? 


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