April 2018


NEW Playbook Marketplace


Our product teams have been hard at work gathering customer feedback to help improve the section where you choose the type of playbook you want to build. Behold our new playbook marketplace featuring a more intuitive selection process and playbook previews!


Event Logs for Hubspot and Marketo

Integration Problems? Worry no more! We now have comprehensive event logs for both Hubspot and Marketo.

Include Smart Filters

Users can now target chat playbooks to a smart filter instead of only allowing them to exclude.

Big ABM Update!

Organizations that have ABM can now: 

Create static dynamic segments based on account owners

Target playbooks based on those account segments (include AND exclude) 

Roll out the red carpet with chat playbook flow they want




Edit Email Sender Individually

Users can now edit the sender of each marketing email individually. This means emails in a single playbook can be sent by different people, for example, a sales account owner and a customer success manager.

Vidyard in Email Sequences 

When editing emails from the Drift application, users can now insert videos from Vidyard. Doing this inserts a share link and a thumbnail for the video. 

Email Tracking Flexibility 

We now don't include the BCC email when the recipient is on your unfollow lists, whether it is their domain or specific email address. This will allow organizations to avoid tracking internal emails between employees. 

This is available in version 4.0.14 of the Drift Chrome Extension

Playbook Report CSV Download

The CSV download button in playbook reports now send an email to the user with a direct download link, instead of downloading from clicking the button directly. This will improve the experience of downloading a playbook report!

Test Email Chains

Users can now send themselves entire test email chains instead of one email at a time. 

Total Conversation Data

After feedback that organizations were adding up their total number of conversations, we had to fix it. Drift's conversation reports now show the Total Conversations within the selected time!

Download Meetings Report

Not only are the meetings reports back, but organizations can now download a CSV of the booked meetings table. 

Sequence Enrollment Improvement 

The sequence enroll modal now displays the contact's email at the top, allowing users to see who is being enrolled in the sequence while it's happening. 

Check out a video of this here!

Reply Tracking

Email playbook dashboards now display the reply rate for each playbook. Find the data by selecting the individual playbook in the playbooks section. 

User Log

Organizations now have a User Log so administrators can see when changes on the user happened! Some examples include when people go on/offline, when a user was invited, and when they completed the on boarding. 

Meeting Reports

Meeting reports are back! They are accessible for all right here and also included on the Administrator's dashboard. 

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