Display When: Targeting

When composing a campaign, you have the ability to set display when criteria.

Here are the types of targeting you can choose:

  • URL – When the visitor is on the URL selected in this targeting step, display the campaign. There are a few ways to target by URL, some of which are “includes” or “is”
  • URL Path – This is the /path that displays after the core URL (app.drift.com/settings)
  • URL Host – This is then subdomain or core domain of the URL (app.drift.com/settings)
  • URL Query Param – This is the query parameter that's at the end of a URL (app.drift.com/settings&version=beta)
  • Referrer – This is the URL that refers the website to the page they're on now (google.com)
  • US State (location) – Choose to target or exclude specific states in the United States
  • Country  (location)– Choose to target or exclude specific countries for a campaign or chat
  • Number of Site Visits – The number of times a user has visited your site (sessions, not page views).
  • Number of days since last visit – When the visitor last visited any page a specific number of days ago, display the campaign.
  • Device – If the visitor’s browser matches the criteria set, they’ll see the campaign. The options here are mobile, desktop, or tablet
  • Time on page (in seconds) – After somebody has been on the page for a certain number of seconds, you can have a message display.
  • Scroll percentage – After a visitor scrolls X percent of a page, you can have your message display.
Setting up geo-targeting to Alabama

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