What the Default Attributes Mean in the Drift CRM

When you visit your Drift contacts view, or CRM, you'll notice that there are some default attributes already added into your CRM. Here is how to find those attributes in your account: 


Once you click on "Add Filter", you will be able to see these attributes under "Attribute." 


Here is a list of all of the default attributes we add to your Drift account and what they mean: 


They are listed with the name you see in the CRM, the jinja tag for the attribute, and a short description of the attribute itself 

  • Display Name, Attribute Name, Description
  • First Name, first_name, First Name
  • Last Name, last_name, Last Name
  • Country, country, Country
  • State, state, State
  • City, city, City
  • Start Date, start_date, The first time we saw this user
  • Last Active, last_active, The start time of the most recent session of the user
  • Name, name, Name
  • Alias, alias, "The display name of the user. This will be name if a name is set, otherwise email"
  • Email, email, Email
  • Phone, phone, Phone number
  • Lead Stage ,_classification, Most recent lead stage assigned by a Playbook goal
  • Last Contacted, last_contacted, The last time a visitor was sent a message
  • CQL Score, _cql_score, CQL Score
  • CQL Source, _cql_source, BOT if added by the bot. MANUAL if added manually by a user
  • Original UTM Medium, original_medium, Original UTM Medium
  • Recent UTM Medium, recent_medium, Recent UTM Medium
  • Original UTM Source, original_source, Original UTM Source
  • Recent UTM Source, recent_source, Recent UTM Source
  • Original UTM Term, original_term, Original UTM Term
  • Recent UTM Term, recent_term, Recent UTM Term
  • Original UTM Campaign, original_campaign, Original UTM Campaign
  • Recent UTM Campaign, recent_campaign, Recent UTM Campaign
  • Original UTM Content, original_content, Original UTM Content
  • Recent UTM Content, recent_content, Recent UTM Content
  • Original Entrance Page URL, original_entrance_page_url, Original Entrance Page URL
  • Recent Entrance Page URL, recent_entrance_page_url, Recent Entrance Page URL
  • Original Referer URL, original_referer_url, Original Referer URL
  • Recent Referer URL, recent_referer_url, Recent Referer URL
  • Original Entrance Page Title, original_entrance_page_title, Original Entrance Page Title
  • Recent Entrance Page Title, recent_entrance_page_title, Recent Entrance Page Title

We also add attributes from Clearbit. We maintain their names turning dots to underscores. Descriptions and the full list for those are here.

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