Setting up Team Hours

Drift Teams is a tool that will help you customize Drift so that it accurately reflects how your organization functions and delivers the right experience to your site visitors at the right time. If you've ever wished your playbooks or chat widget could know when a certain group of people are online before triggering, the Teams feature is here for you. Let's get started by showing you how to set up teams and how to manage their hours and membership.


Setting Up Your First Drift Team

To start, navigate to the Teams window by clicking Settings > Teams. Create a new one by clicking New Team

The next window you'll see has a field for naming the team and for adding members to it. You can search your user list for people to add and check off multiple before clicking Include. Select Save on the next window and your team is ready to go.

Team Management

After you save your new team, you'll be able to see it in the Teams list. You'll also see some more information about it including the team's hours, how many members it has, and what their available/away status is.

Click the pencil and paper icon to edit this team's settings.
The top half of the following window shows you who is currently in the team and has a button to Manage Team. Clicking that brings you to a window similar to the one when we selected team members during creation. You can delete members and add new ones. Be sure to save your settings.

Team Hours

The core part of the Drift Teams feature is the team hours. In addition to an individual user's active and away status, you have the ability to define when a team should be considered online or offline. When a team is brand new, it defaults to always being considered online.
Scroll down to the Team Hours header and click Edit Hours. You'll see options to have this team always online, online during scheduled times only, and also the option to toggle them offline manually.
We changed the team's hours from always online to scheduled hours, set the timezone to New York, and adjusted the schedule. You can edit the hours on a per day basis in addition to weekdays/weekends if you'd like. Click Save and your team hours are all set.
Lastly, if you're looking to delete a team altogether, there's an easy button for that at the bottom of the editing page.

Now that we have a team set up, let's make use of it. You can set Drift widget targeting by team as well as playbook targeting.


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