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If you have a sales team and have reached a certain scale, you're likely using Salesforce. Since Drift is a communication platform for sales, it's only natural that we have a Salesforce integration.

Install takes 30 seconds. All you need to do is sign in with your Salesforce details and you'll be good to go. 


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This is a Pro Plan integration only In addition, you must be on one of the following Salesforce Editions in order for this integration to work: Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, or Performance.


How it works

The Drift and Salesforce integration can do a few different things:

  1. Create and update Leads in Salesforce that originate in Drift.
  2. Create and update Contacts in Salesforce that originate in Drift.
  3. Send Chat activity from Drift to Salesforce.
  4. Send Meetings Booked in Drift to Salesforce.


The integration uses the “conversation closed” trigger to push information over to SFDC. Make sure to utilize the Auto-Close goal action in playbooks and remember to close your conversations with site visitors!

Head over to your Settings > App Settings > Apps > find Salesforce > and navigate to the Sync Settings to customize exactly how Drift sends data to SFDC.


Here is how the logic works when Drift is set to sync leads, contacts, chat activity, and meetings booked with Salesforce (shown in the image above):

If a Lead, not a Contact, already exists with this email, we will either create a Contact or update the existing Lead based on your Salesforce duplicate setup.

Always Create a Record 

If you'd like Drift to always create a contact/lead record in Salesforce, you have that option! 

Under the Salesforce Sync Settings, find the Always create new Salesforce records toggle. 

As mentioned in the screenshot, this will stop Drift from checking for existing leads/contacts - instead it will create a record for every synced lead, contact, or activity. 

How We Handle Lead, Contact, and Activity Ownership:

There are a couple options for configuring who will be set as the Salesforce Lead Owner.  To change these settings, navigate to your Apps page and search for Salesforce.

Then, click the Sync Settings tab.

From there, click Show Advanced Settings under the "Sync leads from Drift to Salesforce" box or the "Sync contacts from drift to Salesforce" box. This will reveal the lead/contact owner settings.

You have the option to set the Lead Owner to be:

  • The team member with a scheduled meeting
  • The team member the end user was last routed to
  • The user who closed the conversation.

These same options are available for setting the Salesforce Activity and Contact Owner.

Chat Activity

Here is a screenshot of a completed task with a chat transcript created with the Drift <> Salesforce integration.

It includes:

  • Timestamps
  • Agent name
  • Lead name
  • Lead email
  • Link to the conversation

Map Users

In order for the Drift <> Salesforce connection to work properly, we need to map the users in Salesforce with the Users in Drift! 

This will take care of two main functions:

  • Adding the proper Lead/Contact Owner on a lead/contact syncing into Salesforce
  • Routing the correct Lead Owner into a Drift conversation. 

From the Salesforce Setup Page, select Mapped Salesforce Users. 

Then, simply connect the dots by selecting the correct SF User and Drift User!

Stop Bad Leads From Being Pushed Into Salesforce: 

In order to keep your Salesforce account clean, and full of the best leads, there is a way to make sure that your bad leads will not be pushed from Drift to Salesforce. 

If you mark your bad lead as "Unqualified", closing the conversation will then not push that user to Salesforce: 


Drift Conversation Command

The Salesforce + Drift integration also allows users to pull information on a specific contact directly into the conversation!

Simply type

Into the a conversation with an identified contact
Here's an example of what it looks like!


Which fields can't I map to Salesforce in our field mapping page because of the Clearbit agreement?

  • Employment Seniority
  • Display Location
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Display Name
  • Github Handle
  • Github Followers
  • Twitter Handle
  • Twitter Followers
  • Facebook Handle
  • LinkedIn Handle
  • Bio
  • Gender
  • Site


Usually, the last name of the prospect is still required for the lead in Drift to be transferred into Salesforce. What if you don't have that and you just have their email when they start a conversation?

Good question. With our integration, you don't need a last name for the lead to be passed back. If we don't have a last name, we pass "[ MISSING ]" as the last name. If that is updated at any point in Drift, and the name hasn't changed from "[ MISSING ]" in Salesforce, we update it to the name in Drift.

If there is a record associated with a Drift lead's email address in Salesforce -- will it change any attributes on that record in Salesforce?

Nope - we currently don't do anything with your existing attributes.

Will Drift send previous contacts and conversations to Salesforce once I connect?

At the moment, the Drift <> Salesforce connection will only begin syncing lead data from the moment it's connected, forward.

What Drift Plan do I need to be on to have access to this integration?

The Drift + Salesforce integration is available on our Pro plan and above. Integrations are broken down by plan under our pricing page.

What Salesforce Plan do I need to be on to have access to this integration?

The Drift + Salesforce integration is available on SFDC's Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, or Performance plan.



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