Revenue Reporting Dashboard

Sales and marketing has changed. Everything marketers do now must be measured in actual dollars. It's no longer about leads, clicks, or opps -- it's about revenue. Drift is here to help customers buy from you. So now on your dashboard, you can see how your your efforts are paying off with revenue influenced by Drift.

If you're curious, here are the queries we use. (

Influenced by Drift represents all opportunities, pipeline, and closed won that have had conversations within Drift. Let's jump in to see how you can get these numbers and how we calculate them.

Get the Revenue Reporting Dashboard

In order for the reports to work, you need to have Drift activity synced to your Salesforce account. You can do this by going to Team Settings > Apps > Salesforce in your Drift app.

Once connected, be sure to turn on Send Drift activity data to Salesforce.

Now you can return to your dashboard to turn it on by clicking Connect Salesforce Account.

How our SFDC Integration works: Our Salesforce integration logs an activity whenever a conversation is closed from the conversation view. Playbooks that are immediately dismissed will not be counted. The integration maps to Salesforce using customer email, so your Site Visitors that have not given their email will not be counted.

How to use the new dashboard

Click on each value to see your performance on the line graph. The line graph shows your values day by day, and are not cumulative. Hover over a point and you'll see how it compares to last week or month.

You can customize the date range with the Filter Dashboard settings on the top left corner. Depending on the time frame you select, the deltas will reflect your team's performance against the last period.

For example, if you chose This Week, and it's Wednesday, you would be comparing all the opportunities you generated so far this week compared to all of last week.

How we got these numbers

If you're curious, here are the queries we used

  • Opportunities influenced by Drift are opportunities that have had a conversation through Drift. Opportunities are counted by the date created.
  • Pipeline Influenced is the dollar value of the opportunities that have had a conversation with you through Drift. This is counted by the date created.
  • Closed Won influenced by Drift includes all closed won opportunities that have had a conversation through Drift. This is counted by date the opportunity closes.

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