How to Add CQLs to a Bot Flow

Now that we have this fun and exciting metric, the CQL, that you can measure in the app, knowing how to add it to a bot flow is important so that you can automatically qualify how hot each leads are!

When you create a new Playbook that includes a bot, you can mark your leads as a CQL! 

Here's how to set this up!

  • Go to the goal of your choice
  • Click "Add Action"
  • Add "Mark as CQL" as an action and choose the amount of bolts you think is appropriate for that lead!
Screen Recording 2017-09-08 at 02.46 PM.gif

You can assign each "Goal" with a certain amount of Bolts, so that your best leads are marked with 3 bolts and your bad leads are marked with none!

A CQL measurement can be added to each goal, that way, when that person chats in again, you know whether or not they are qualified or not!

Here is an example of what the CQL looks like in the conversations view: 

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