Connect Your Email to Drift Sequences

In order to be able to send Drift sequences, you need to connect your email to Drift. There are a few reasons as to why:

  • Our emails come from the rep who enrolls the leads into the sequence, so we send emails directly through gmail.
  • Our emails do not have an unsubscribe link for that reason, they come from a real person. Learn how leads can still unsubscribe from your emails here.
  • In order to test out if an email can be sent, we need your email to use as the sender in order to the test the message!
Drift Sequences only work with Gmail and G-suite hosted emails and emails must be non aliased.  

1. Head to your personal settings to download the chrome extension and connect your email.

2. Install the Drift chrome extension, if you haven’t already. This will allow you to send your sequences, track activity from your recipients, and much more.


3. Connect your Gmail account so you can send emails from your personal email
4. Set up your Bcc to push your email activity into your CRM like Salesforce
You will also need the Drift Google Chrome Extension installed and the corresponding setting turned on in the extension. 

You can change your Bcc and Gmail settings in your chrome extension once it’s been downloaded.

Create your first outbound playbook . Or if you're not using Drift yet, get your free account!

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