What Does Drift Do and What is Drift?

Updated 4 weeks ago by Sara Pion

When you first hear the words "Live Chat", a certain experience comes to mind. One where you're chatting with a customer support agent so you don't have to call them and sit on hold for an hour.

This isnt the kind of experience you get when you use Drift. Yes, we are a live chat platform, but we're much more than that. 

Drift is a conversation-driven marketing and sales platform.

Drift exists to help your business book more meetings and close more deals.

Unlike traditional messaging platforms or live chat, we're laser focused on marketing and sales -- and even more specifically: revenue. 

The cool thing about Drift is that we can be used by marketing, sales, AND support teams. 

We make sure that conversations are routed to the right people on your team so that your sales team can focus on having more qualified conversations and your success team can handle the  support and feature requests. 

Once you install Drift onto your site, your visitors can start talking to you directly from your site. By asking for your site visitor's email, Drift will automatically turn that record into a lead in your account. 

If you are on any of our paid plans, you can then send targeted messages to your site visitors using playbooks. These Playbooks can be anything from a product update, to a sale, to calling more attention to some of your marketing collateral! 

The fun doesnt stop there! If you upgrade to our Pro plan, you have access to our LeadBot technology. Our LeadBot allows you to qualify leads without having to lift a finger!

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