Setting up an Announcement Campaign

Updated 15 days ago ​by Sara Pion

Here's a video walking you through how to set up one of the kinds of campaigns offered to paid users of Drift!

Topics Covered:

(:20) Where to find campaigns 

(0:33) Different kinds of announcement campaigns

(0:40) Slider Campaign

(0:45) Takeover Campaigns

(1:00) Editing your campaign

(1:10) Editing the Call to Action (Start new conversation, link to a URL, schedule a meeting. NOTE these cannot be changed once your campaign is live)

(1:29) Edit Button Copy and Choose which Inbox the Campaign with route to!

(1:45) Send the campaign from a team member!

(1:53) Display When Targeting

(2:56) Review your campaign

(3:20) Pausing/Resuming Campaign

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