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Below is an organized list of Drift videos! Everywhere from product releases to full webinars, this document provides an easy way to watch and listen to Drift tutorials and feature descriptions. 

Please note that, because we are always striving to improve Drift, the app may look different in some videos

Account Setup / Settings

Install Drift on Website

Install Drift on Web App

Where is my Chat Icon?

Drift Profile URL

Drift for iOS

Team Availability

Meeting Settings

Biggest Mistake with Drift

Feature Description / Usage

Schedule Meetings on Profile 

Revenue Reporting


           - How to create a chat playbook     

           -Playbook priorities

           -Run a promotion with a Full Screen Takeover setup

           -Building a Blog Subscription Playbook 

           -Build a smarter Blog Subscription Playbook

           -Bot that only accepts button responses 

           -Personalize playbook messaging with tokens

           -Exit Intent Popup

           -Phone number capture questions

           -Optional email question for playbooks

           -When to jump in for the bot

           -Saves Replies


           -Send chat transcripts automatically using Zapier

Lead Routing Rules

           -Setting up Lead Round Robin in Salesforce

           -HubSpot CRM Lead Routing Rules

Live View

           -Trigger any chat playbook with DriftLink

           -Prevent DriftLink from refreshing the page 


           -Top Dynamic Segments for sales

Attributes (Saving and Mapping)

ABM (Account Based Marketing)

Email for Marketing

Sales Sequences

           -Test an Email Sequence in one click

Drift for Sales

Bot Conversation to Marketing Sequence 

UTM Trigger for Chat

Developer Platform




Why care about Integrations?

Slack Integration 

Vidyard Integration

Salesforce Integration

Knowledge Base Integration ( HelpScout, Helpjuice, Zendesk and Helpdocs)

Wordpress Integration

Hubspot Integration

Segment Integration

Zapier Integration

Shopify Integration 

Fullstory Integration

We do not have videos for our integration with Drip, Sendgrid, and Google Analytics. Below are links to their helpdocs.



Google Analytics


November 2017 ABM Webinar 

October 2017 Email Webinar 

June 2017 Bots 2.0 Webinar 

May 2017 Bot Webinar


The Family 

Left Shark



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