How “Send this” options work with different delivery types

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When sending a campaign, you have the option to choose when to send a campaign through send this.

Right now

When you choose this, everyone who is in that segment at the moment of sending will be included in the campaign, regardless of if you’re using a dynamic or static segment.

In the future, if people enter or leave the segment, it will not affect any of campaigns sent “right now.”

This option will not display in Drift’s free plan because it only works when associated with a segment that you create.

Slider or Takeover

We believe that in-app campaigns (sliders & takeovers) should be treated differently than email inboxes. When you send an in-app campaign, we want to give you the ability to pause that campaign if a user has not yet logged in to the app and seen the campaign.

When you click send, we take the list of everyone who was in that segment in that moment. When a user next logs in, we’ll deliver the campaign.

If for some reason you decide that you no longer want to display that campaign to users, you can always pause the campaign. If a user had already logged in, the campaign will have already been delivered and in that case it can’t be taken back. We will only stop sending campaigns for users targeted if they have not logged in since you sent it.

Email re-targeting (more info on what this is)

When you choose “Right now” as a delivery option, you’ll be greeted with the option to retarget a user via email (this is only available in paid plans)

When you enable email retargeting on a campaign, you get to choose the length of time for the campaign to fallback to email and get delivered there instead of in-app. The moment that you click send is the moment that the time starts ticking on the email retargeting.

Let’s walk through an example:

  • You send a one-time in-app campaign to 50 people with 3 day re-targeting
  • The moment you click send, we queue up the campaign to those 50 people
  • If a user is logged in, or they log in over the next 3 days, we deliver the campaign to them in-app
  • When 3 days pass from the moment that you clicked send, that campaign will then be sent via email to everyone who has not logged in yet


If you send a one-time campaign via email, it will automatically be sent and delivered. There is no way to pause or stop this type of campaign.

The campaign will be sent to everyone who is, at the moment of sending, in the segment you chose to target.

Until a Specific Date & Until I Manually shut it off

When sending an ongoing campaign, the campaign will be sent to all users in that segment, as well as everyone who enters that segment in the future. You can pause an these campaign at any time before the end date.

In-app via Slider, Takeover, or Mobile

All in-app campaigns will only be delivered once a user logs in to the app. When you pause an ongoing in-app campaign, it will stop sending the campaign from delivering to anybody who has not logged in yet or anybody who enters that segment in the future.

Email re-targeting is currently only available for campaigns sent “right now.”


When you send an ongoing email campaign, all users who are currently in that segment will get the campaign delivered immediately. 

When a user enters the segment in the future, the email will be delivered immediately. When you pause this kind of campaign, it will only stop sending to anybody who enters this segment in the future.

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