How to Place the Chat Widget on Certain Pages

by Sara Pion

Like in our Playbooks feature, you can display your chat widget on certain pages, for certain users, at the right time. 

This does not have to be associated with a Playbook!

You can set up this targeting by: 

  1. Heading to your chat widget settings
  2. Scrolling to the bottom of the page of Hours and Targeting
  3. Creating your Display When targeting rules! 

The kinds of targeting rules you can set up are: 

  • URL targeting: When a site visitor lands on a specific page on your website
  • State: When a visitor from a specific US state comes onto your website
  • Time on Page: This will delay the popup time of the chat widget
  • Scroll Percentage: If a visitor has scrolled down a certain percentage of the page
  • Number of Days since last visit: If a user has been away from your site for a specific amount of time
  • Number of Site Visits: If a visitor has been to your site a certain amount of time 
This feature is only available on our Starter Plan and above

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