What is email re-targeting?

Updated a month ago ​by Matt Bilotti

Email re-targeting lets you increase the open and engagement rates on your in-app campaigns by sending them via email after a certain amount of time if they’re not viewed.

This can be used for onboarding, engagement, retention, announcements, and more.

When you’re setting up your campaign targeting and select to send your message to a dynamic or static segment (it must be a created segment) and choose to send it “right now”, you will see a setting that allows to to setup email fallback. If you set this up, here’s what happens:

  • After X amount of time (which you choose), if your sent campaign has not been read, that live chat will be turned into an email conversation.
  • The contact (your customer or lead) will then receive an email with all of the contents of the conversation, CTA and all
  • If you chose the CTA to be start a new conversation, that CTA will be left out of the email.
This feature is only available for the Team or Enterprise customers.

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