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When composing a campaign, you have the ability to set display when criteria. This will allow you to customize your campaign to show at the right time, to the right people, on the right page. 

Here are the types of targeting you can choose:

  • URL – When the visitor is on the URL selected in this targeting step, display the campaign. There are a few ways to target by URL, some of which are “includes” or “is”
  • URL Path – This is the /path that displays after the core URL (app.drift.com/settings)
  • URL Host – This is then subdomain or core domain of the URL (app.drift.com/settings)
  • URL Query Param – This is the query parameter that's at the end of a URL (app.drift.com/settings&version=beta)
  • URL (Regex) - Regular Expression of a URL, a sequence of characters that define a search pattern
  • Referrer – This is the URL that refers the website to the page they're on now (google.com)
  • US State (location) – Choose to target or exclude specific states in the United States
  • Country  (location)– Choose to target or exclude specific countries for a campaign or chat
  • Number of Site Visits – The number of times a user has visited your site (sessions, not page views).
  • Number of days since last visit – When the visitor last visited any page a specific number of days ago, display the campaign.
  • Device – If the visitor’s browser matches the criteria set, they’ll see the campaign. The options here are mobile, desktop, or tablet
  • Drift Widget Status – This will allow you to have the campaign follow your online and offline rules
  • Time on page (in seconds) – After somebody has been on the page for a certain number of seconds, you can have a message display. This will delay the message from popping up for the allotted time. 
  • Scroll percentage – After a visitor scrolls X percent of a page, you can have your message display.

If you have the Clearbit Integration you also have these Display When options based on your Clearbit Data...

  • Number of Employees 
  • Alexa Global Ranking 
  • Alexa US Ranking 
  • Amount Raised 
  • Tags 
  • Technology

Below is an example of Setting up Geo Routing to Alabama...

If you run into any trouble or have any questions, let us know. We’re here to help!

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