Switching from LiveChat

by Sara Pion

With the rise of 1:1 messaging and the on-demand economy, we are convinced that using live chat to talk directly to customers will allow our customers to have a better experience and allow our sales teams capture, quality, and connect with more leads. (Can you get behind the #NoForms movement?)

We’re moving away from the usual idea that live chat is for support only, and getting every department using messaging to talk directly to leads and provide a better overall experience to them. For any sized company. 

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Here is our methodology at Drift, so you know the kind of experience we want to deliver to our customers and our users.

You are probably wondering what you can get with Drift that you can’t get with LiveChat. Well, when you make the switch to Drift, you get one-of-a kind features that will allow your entire company to get the most out of live messaging.

A feature Drift has that may take you by surprise is our chatbot. Our chatbot leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning, which allows you to automatically qualify your leads, to deliver human interaction enhanced by a polite and entertaining robot, and to deliver a personalized customer experience at scale.

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Meet Leadbot! 

Leadbot: Can help your sales team capture, qualify, and connect with more leads. Here is some more information on the best practices for our Leadbot. Want to talk directly to your customers who are taking the time to read the content you worked so hard on? So did RewardStream, and they did just that and more just by our Leadbot software to their website to use as a “second net” to capture and qualify leads.

So what else is there that Drift has to offer? Well… 

  • Setup Calls and Demos Directly From the Chat: With our calendar integration, sales members can immediately book demos directly in the chat. Our integration automatically checks for open times in your calendar to ensure that you are never double booked.

  • Profiles: Now that a lot of your business is going to be moved online, you’re going to need an online business card where your customers can contact you directly through email, chat (obviously), phone, or schedule a meeting with you directly. That’s where Drift Profiles come in! Personalize your profile to your liking and tell your customers more about yourself.

  • Customization: When you’re getting your chat widget set up, the first thing you’ll want to do is set up your chat widget to match your company’s brand. Here is a help document that will take you through setting up your chat widget to match your company’s style and theme.

  • Targeted Automated Messaging: Using Playbooks, you can send targeted, in-app messages to the audience of your choosing, kind of like directing a marketing campaign to a certain persona in Hubspot. There is a lot you can do with these pre-packaged campaigns 

  • Importing and Segmenting Contacts: If you are switching to Drift from another chat platform and already have a lot of contacts saved in that platform, you can easily import those contacts into Drift! This help document will take you through that process so that you can start segmenting your contacts for even more personalization, or you can always import contacts through one of our integrations. Check out this document that will help you create segments in your contact list to help personalize your Playbooks.
  • Send emails with Drift: When you use the Playbook feature in the Drift app, you will see the option to send an email Playbook to a specific segment in your contacts list. These email Playbooks use a very simple format, in which you can drag-and-drop photos of your choice but you cannot change the layout or template of the email itself.
  • Close Deals When Your Leads Are on Your Site: Drift offers Live View and Follow which will allow you to see where your contacts are on your site as well as update you on specific leads or users. This allows sales reps to reach out to leads directly to capture, qualify, and close leads faster.

Once you’re ready to become a pro in our app, follow this document for some serious Drift hacks.


 Rather than signing up for a 30-day trial and then choosing whether you or your team wants to spend the money to use LiveChat’s services, Drift allows you to set up a free account with access to some of our features for as long as you’d like.

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To check out what services you can get as a free user, check out this help doc!

The Drift web app can be added to a website a few different ways, but not to worry! We have a help doc for that! It will take you through installation step-by-step and you can start playing in the app. If you want to create your Drift account through another platform like HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack or many more, you can click here

Not to worry about all this new and exciting technology. Drift offers a lot of the same features LiveChat does, so your day-to-day workflow won’t be too affected by a switch!

 If you’re interested in getting a demo of the paid product, click HERE to chat with our bot and get connected to a human!

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