Setting Up LeadBot

by Conley Ernst

Can’t have someone available 24/7 to talk in real time to your leads?

We get it– you have lives. Luckily LeadBot is here to help! We can help automate conversations and capturing leads for you, so you don’t have always to be available.

Leadbot is available on our Team plans

LeadBots allow you to create automated conversations with your customers. Run LeadBot and come back to sorted contacts and identified leads. So what’s in a LeadBot?
  • A LeadBot Contains a…
  • Goal Qualifications
  • The LeadBot Flow: Responses, Questions, Follow-ups
  • Targeting Conditions 
  • Goals

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The first thing you need to set up are your LeadBot Goals. These goals help you qualify, or disqualify the visitors interacting with your bot!

You can customize these goals by clicking on the field, and typing your custom Goal

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These goals can now route conversations to members of your team! Either via your routing rules, or to a single person, or the goal can lead to no routing, depending on the qualification of the lead!

You can also add Actions to the end of the conversation, where the bot can send a message to the user, or it can auto-close the conversation. 

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Once you have your goals in place, you can start to create the LeadBot Flow! We think its a good idea to start with a greeting: 

The greeting is a friendly message will send to your customer when they trigger LeadBot. This will prompt the customer to use the chat widget and engage with LeadBot.


We create a default flow for you to start, but the questions can be completely customized based on your liking

Questions are what the LeadBot will prompt your users with to get a response.

Customer Response

The customer response is the customer’s response to each question prompted by the LeadBot.

Customer Response


The Follow Up is how the LeadBot responds to user input. Each follow up is triggered by certain input, either in the form of Buttons or Keywords. Individual follow ups can trigger the next action the LeadBot can take– this can be End Conversation, Proceed to Question, or trigger a Goal.

You can always add another question to your flow, as well as add an email capture question

Set Up Your Targeting!

You can choose to have your LeadBot Triggered by a #DriftLink, or you can use Display When conditions to target your LeadBot playbook. 
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Rename your #DriftLink in the yellow text field below the name. We suggest it is something short,  easy to remember, and relates back to the LeadBot’s name.

Keep your #DriftLink lower case!

When you're ready to publish your Playbook, make sure you turn it on so it's ready to go! 


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