Your Drift Dashboard

by Dan Graap

Here's a quick overview of the graphs you can find on your dashboard when you login to your Drift account.

First, you'll want to ensure the date range in the upper-right corner is correct for the information you want to review. We have the options of seeing stats for Today, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, or from a custom range you can select by clicking "Custom" and then choosing the start and end days.

We show you 4 key statistics to help you check the pulse of how Drift is working for you.

  1. The number of conversations that happened in the timeframe
  2. The number of emails Drift captured for you, both from any default email capture settings and also from email capture questions in playbooks
  3. The number of CQLs (Conversation Qualified Leads) that were marked
  4. The number of meetings booked

The graph just below shows the number of meetings booked on each day in the selected timeframe.

If you have Salesforce connected to Drift, you will also see a Salesforce dashboard. For complete information on that and how it's calculated, click here.

Lastly, below your overview dashboard will be quick reports for each of your playbooks.

From here, you can see quick stats about the playbook, view the full report, edit the playbook, or delete it. If you want a full breakdown on these stats and playbook reports, click here.

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