Drift Team Pages (Your About Us Page)

by Matt Bilotti

Once you get your team setup with their Drift Profiles, you'll be happy to know that you can start sharing a page with all of these profiles with your leads and customers.


These directory pages will link to all of your team members who have their profiles set to public (the switch to set a profile to public can be found in their settings pages).

In order to edit what shows up on this Team directory page (the logo, title, copy, and URL), you can do that here

Please be careful when updating this URL - Updating it will change all of the URLs for each of your team's Drift Profile pages.

On the team directory, we automatically display the status of each agent. 

If the agent is on-call or available, they will be displayed as online and somebody can start a chat with them which will automatically be assigned to them right from this page. If they're set to do not disturb, visitors will see "leave message" and the widget will give them flow to submit a message without the option for live chat.

Learn more about agent status here.

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